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Great blue whales ejaculate over 400 liters of semen at a time. only 1 liter is needed to fertilize the eggs. and that kids, is why sea water is salted.

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According to Wikipedia that's 20 liters.

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Becauze there is salt in the water.

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shark's tears of loneliness

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Because I dipped my balls in it.

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If "Ocean salt primarily comes from rocks on land" then why are lakes and rivers still fresh?

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Rivers and lakes are replenished with fresh rainwater, but oceans are a sort of dumping ground where water with accumulated salt keeps adding to the salinity. There are also vents and volcanoes under the ocean that increase the amount of minerals, especially salt.

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I too can copy paste from the blog spam I just posted. @rishvi

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Fish masturbation.

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Chicken and egg thing. But it's salty because salt is the most important thing their is to highly developed lifeforms. I know...muh evolution, muh no intelligent design, muh hopeless vacuum of space!

You should be drinking sea salt water and adding lots of salt to you diet. Just think about who told you it was bad.

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Salt is essential to life. It's as necessary as iron, calcium, or water. That doesn't mean more is better.

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If you aren't getting enough it does. And hardly anyone gets enough. I bet you don't even if you are liberal with your salt.