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What are they, almonds?

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Brainwashed public school mark ultra puppets maybe?

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Too bad there is niggerdick to worry about or we could let our kids walk to school, or the shop, or a friend's house. But its 2018 and if you aint careful yoir child will get culturally enriched.

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You forgot CPS.

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People don't transport their children to school themselves to "activate" them. They do it because it's logistically necessary and vastly safer than sending them out on their own.

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Seems logical that walking/talking to people on a bus would make you more aware than riding in a car.

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I was the last stop on (morning) and the last stop off. I would finish my homework on the bus if it was not done in class (this was before the swooning girls were letting me copy theirs).

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Do you mean to imply that physical exercise stimulates cognitive ability & development...? GREAT SCOTT!!! This could be just the breakthrough we were looking for! /s

Nah though. Let's cut funding for P.E. & the arts. All we need is a bunch of human calculators, capable of passing a routine standardized test. /s

I would also like to take this moment to invite your children to be a part of this years Sarcastiball league! /s

You know, if i haven't been clear enough in tone. /s

I'll stop now...

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And how many children are kidnapped going or coming back from school?

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Probably because their parents are stupid asshole libtards who shelter them from everything and teach them to be elitist little autistic fucks.

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