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Meh, metabolic half-life is more useful. Also needs caffeine due it effects from interactions with other drugs. And because sometimes people drink it to late in the day and it keeps them up at night.

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Indeed. Though some of these are dose dependent and do not have a half life, like alcohol. Not to mention the graph is flat out wrong. LSD stays longer than 3 hours, seeing how it has a half life of 5 hours.

The graph is useless.

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It's plain damn more correct too. The whole point of half life is that drugs don't just magically disappear after a set amount of time like this chart implies.

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This is... partially inaccurate, partially just wrong. If the title said "How long drugs stay detectable in your blood" I would agree with some reservations, but as it is there's several big problems with this chart.

  • The exact half-life of LSD-25 is not known; old studies estimated it to lie at roughly 3 hours0 (which is where this chart got its misinformation from), current (more accurate) estimates put it at ~5.1 hours.1 Half-life indicates the duration of time needed for half of the substance to be gone from your plasma, not how long it takes for all traces of the substance to be gone from your body. With a metabolic half-life of ~5.1 hours, LSD-25 will stay in your blood for 8-12 hours depending on subjective factors like body weight and metabolism.

  • Metabolic half-life does not necessarily correspond to a drug's dose-response/time-effect profile - sure, half of those 100μg of LSD-25 you took may be gone from your system in 4-5 hours, but that sure as fuck doesn't mean the drug effect is over after 4-5 hours.

There are similar flaws in regards to opiates, cannabis and amphetamines, but I'm too lazy to dig up sources and others will no doubt point them out. The lesson here is that science journalists aren't scientists - make an effort to learn the basics of scientific research yourself so you can read and understand the work itself, and circumvent half-arsed journalism that will leave you half-informed at best and lied to at worst.

1: Papac, Foltz (1990): Measurement of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in human plasma by gas chromatography/negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry.

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Lol. Cannabis is active for all of 6 hours before it metabolises in fat and remains for 6-8 weeks as inactive but still detectable.

Big difference between 'how long it stays in your blood' and 'how long you are under the influence'

As of now, the testing regime for drugs is abso-fucking-lute horseshit as there has been literally zero attempt to try and seperate active from inactive THC and so dope smokers, who are using the LEAST nasty of the drugs, are infinitely more likely to get randomly fucked weeks after having a joint while theyre completely sober than goddamn methheads are on the SAME DAY THEYVE BEEN SMOKING and are violently withdrawing!!!!!!

Anyone who things Meth and Cannabis are on the same level is some level of blinkered fuckwit.

Also... LSD trips last for 12 hours (ill fucking attest to that myself) so how the fuck it is apparently only in your system for 3 would say to me someone is making random fucking shit up (hence the lack of any real source) but is also measured in MICROGRAMS compared to the gram effective dosages you get with other drugs.

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The "LSD-25 has a half-life of 3 hours" claim comes from Upshall & Wailling, 1971. Later studies with better methodology put it at ~5.1 hours, which actually corresponds to the dose-effect curve (onset after 1-2 hours, peak at 3-5 hours, offset at 8-12 hours).

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Boo this man! Booooo!

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Before he became a salf-hating SJW...

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Interestingly psyilocibin can't be testes (at least that's what I was told)

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That's an urban myth. Psilocybin is metabolized into Psilocin, which stays readily detectable in blood and urine for 8-24 hours. Trace amounts remain detectable in your serum for up to a week. The reason why some people think that you can't test for shrooms is that law enforcement generally doesn't bother to do it; the test can't be done in the field and is comparatively expensive, and since most people on Psychedelics don't cause trouble it's simply not feasible to do widespread LSD/shroom testing.

But you can bet your ass that you'll be tested for Psilocybin use regularly if, say, you get busted for selling shrooms.

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TIL, my faggot friend told me years ago how there is no test for shrooms.

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Not long enough

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