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https://archive.fo/59x0b :

Oprah Winfrey helped create our irrational pseudoscientific American fantasyland.

'The most famous physician in the United States, the man Oprah Winfrey branded as “America’s doctor,” is a dispenser of make-believe. '

'Well, I replied, “people talk very seriously about Oprah Winfrey being a potential Democratic nominee for president. '

'They were anointed in 1992 and 1993 by Oprah Winfrey. '

'And has been brought to you by Oprah Winfrey. '

'When a Christian questioner in her audience once described her as New Age, Winfrey was pissed. “I am not ‘New Age’ anything,” she said, “and I resent being called that. '

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I sense a new schism forming.

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I blame Oprah for the surge in latchkey kids (of which I was one) and the divorce epidemic of the 80's and 90's How? Because she propagated and promoted unrealistic ideals for marriage. She was ground zero for the messaging that partners should "complete you, and make you feel whole". Housewives ate it up and started dumping husband's and families in droves to go find their "fullfillment". Something that doesn't exist in life, is based on emotions, and fickle af if you apply Oprahs definition. Every episode promised a short cut to basic household chores, until one day they were just deemed demeaning. She would parade these woman around with horrible stories of abuse and victimization and viewers would find a little bit of themselves in the story, even if their life in no way was similar. The minute she went off the air the popular opinion on marriage and divorce changed (at least in the US). People started respecting the institution, sticking through the hard patches, and realizing people cannot give you the fullfillment you desire. The stats show divorce rates went way way way down.

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Can you show those stats?

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1) She pandered to do nothing bitches.

The end.

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Pretty sure most people would pander to whomever if it made them a billionaire.

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doesn't make it right though

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Humans are scum

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I didn't realize it was a Slate article at first. Was so totally onboard with everything being said until the end, when out of left field they decide to say the Right is wrapped up in fantasy land. What a crock of shit. How can this even be put to paper without someone thinking, "Yeeaaahh, but its the left that believes in gender fluidity, that transgenderism is mentally healthy, and that with positive conversation the white race can save the rest of the minority world."

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In-tribe blindness. We all inherently believe our tribe is right when the other is wrong, even if the beliefs are fundamentally the same(eg, somebody might think Africans invoking spirits for good fortune is ridiculous while thinking God will grant them worldly prosperity).

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Sorry fella, I replied to your comment completely out of context, thinking it was a reply to a comment of mine in another thread.

Yeah, I see what you're saying.

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At first I thought this was going to be about the master of Woo-Woo himself, Deepockets-Chokeya. But she wasn't a big fan of him.

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Slate really doesn't want Oprah as a candidate. I wonder who they'd prefer?

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Probably Warren or Kamala Harris

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slate is weird. It's not beyond them to lie and exaggerate like CNN. They also have anti-Trump narrative and liberal/leftest one. But here they are seemingly going against the narrative.

I wonder what this means..

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while i detest oprah not for her race but for her gnostic new age beliefs. i abhor the author which is a faggot atheist that think that satanic cults are fantasies and that there are no victims or satanic ritual abuse which is false because there's plenty of evidence out there for its existence.the lost atheist thinks that the only things that exists is that the only things that his senses can sense.which is totally wrong!

because he cant sense microbes,viruses and other mirco phenomena and yet they exists.who's to say that there's not an alternate dimension in which our senses cant see but our mathematicians and physicists know that its out there.

its called the 4th dimension and you can see how things work there a little bit when you analyze the quantum particle and its states and properties which defies our own universe very physical laws

i wont vote for oprah not because she is black, i wont vote for her because she is another liberal just like obama

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Oprah is a good branding specialist, but a shitty journalist. Why would anyone admire a shitty journalist?

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