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hmm, this has implications on time. you see light does not experience time, the speed c is the speed at which time stops only space or distance is experienced (an object with no speed experiences moves more quickly through time in contrast, but is stopped in space). hypothetically speaking it should not be possible for light to either accelerate or decelerate. by its very nature, light moves at the speed of light, and if it does not move at the speed of light than it is converted into a different type of energy. the speed c however does imply a vacuum state however. the speed c is the speed of light in a vacuum, various substances can slow down light, however some of the light is always lost in such substances as it converts into heat and movement of the particles making up the substance. IF light can accelerate in a vacuum (doesn't seem possible) than it intrinsically is doing something to spacetime itself.

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Or spacetime itself is an imperfect model we have devised to understand something even more complex (or most likely ineffable).

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drawing circles on paper, red circle blue circle hmm red circle, cool

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Keep the grant money coming, so all these important things can be studied.