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It's clearly found on Earth because they found it in Egypt.

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Stop making sense!

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said the Talking Heads

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We don't even know what all is in the ocean much less a solar system

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Right? I mean if the earth was round and we could leave then extraterrestrial visitors could be a suspected source but being as how we know the earth is flat and an enclosed system it obviously exists on earth. :-)

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Water & fish are in the ocean.

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millennium falcon is in the ocean too

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Stop ruining the manufactured mysticism and drama!

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Just to be perfectly clear with this: all compounds found in the mineral are composed of periodic table elements.

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So basically the entire article is full of shit? More people need to downvoat this sort of stuff. ( Not your comment., the submission. )

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It's just a poor choice of words. Yes, the compound mentioned does not exist in Earth because there are no places in our planet that can bring the necessary conditions for them to be formed. But it's still just meteoric formations that have different concentrations and amounts of minerals. The actual discovery is not very fascinating because space meteoric stuff are just amalgams/ores that have higher/lower concentrations of stuff which don't normally here.

I could see something go from there if scientists find a use for such rocks.

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You might say it's a shithole article.

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They must be needing funding

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Super smart niggers FROM OUTER SPACE


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Must come from the same place those tiny "mummy beads" no one in their right mind would bother to make as any sort of decoration because they are ugly as shit.

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Is it just me or does the headline not really match the substance of the article? It is interesting regardless.

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yes from the headline it sounded like elements not found on earth when they are talking about the ratio of known elements being different than expected.

so clickbait.

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Oh yeah, good thing we've surveyed all the rocks in the solar system to come up with this profound conclusion.

I don't know... therefore ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since popular mechanic's article on 9-11, I just can't take them seriously.

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