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in certain light my blue eyes turn kinda green!!!

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In complete darkness my blue eyes appear black.

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If you were a niggar then your eyes and teeth would be the only thing visible in darkness.

Built in camouflage helps niggars commit so many crimes.

Demand fluorescent paint on all niggars ! ! !

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i like your style wanna mod /v/houseoflords

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in certain light my blue eyes turn kinda green!!!

my dad's also has this :)

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i heard green eyes is just 1 percent of population

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Brown eye's have blue underneath. There is surgery you can have to get it removed.


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Not quite how it works. Blue comes from a specific light scattering. All he's doing is zapping the brown pigments.

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Thanks for the clarification! Always appreciated.

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People of colors (plural).

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Interestingly, this means that blue eyes don't actually have a set colour - it all depends on the amount of light available when you look at them.

I have always wondered why my eyes change color. TIL. :)

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I have always wondered if eye color has anything to do with eyesight quality. For instance, people with dark eyes will have better eyesight than someone with light eyes. And therefore wont need glasses.

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Green eyes here. Eyes are so sensitive to light people think I have Asian ancestry.

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Nope. No significant differences, except lighter colors are more likely to suffer mild discomfort in bright light.

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Can confirm, I (and most people I've met with blue/green eyes) have difficulty in bright light. It's worst when there's fresh snow on the ground.

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Ill bet a dollar that more people who have glasses and or need corrective lenses tend to have lighter colored eyes.

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Nice, i have no nigger pigment in my eyes