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How am I supposed to sleep for 8 hours when I have intrusive, repetitive thoughts?

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I'm not a doctor though

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When I'm depressed I sleep like 18 hours a day.


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I might only sleep 5-6 hours "at night" but I have nothing to do all day after work so I take an extra 3 hour nap or two...

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I've found my ideal rest period to be seven hours, not necessarily consecutive.

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What's missing is causation - in either direction.

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Getting good sleep is one of the basic steps of treating bipolar

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You can still get control of those thoughts with constant recognition of what they are and constant refocusing.

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I'm thinking right now. I'm thinking thoughts right now. These thoughts I'm thinking are just thoughfs. I think I'm thinking thinking thoughts about thinking

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Welcome to meditation.

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Semi-relevant username

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Which is incredibly tiring, which helps with sleep!

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I think it is a little bit more than just this. Havent never slept a proper night in my entire life due to other health issues, its more that you become intolerant to people who do get proper rest and wake up with energy, wasting their life. I owe my complete asshole nature to never sleeping and I love it. Not caring about what people think about you is the greatest thing ever.

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I noticed I get the same way when I lack more and more sleep through out the week,I do like being the asshole for once.

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To be fair, I would trade it for good rest. Or, it would be good if I started to get a good night sleep now, now I have become the person I am. (Which will probably happen this year as I am slowly sorting out my health issues)

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I often offer this advice, because I'm a sleeping champion: Find a comfy position, however you would normally sleep, close your eyes, breath deeply as though you were sleeping. Let your mind do it's thing. It doesn't need to shutup. You just need to stay still with your eyes closed. YOU WILL SLEEP. If you wake up early, adjust a little, into a comfy position, stay there with your eyes closed.

The main mistakes people make are that they relent against their active brains. SHUTUP! That's not the problem. Let your mind wander. Worrying about what your mind is doing won't help.

Lay still, eyes closed. That simple.

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