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But from everything I’ve experienced in school and life, women in general bitch 100x more than men, while working about 50-75% as much.

I know a lot of men who have the mindset that something needs to be done regardless of who does it (Result oriented), whilst women care more about who does it over the end result (Process oriented). So men will find ways to prioritize multiple chores/work items to become more efficient. Women do them serially. This is how a women gets away with saying she did 3 hours worth of laundry when all she did was press a button on a machine and watch TV for 3 hours. Women will also up play their contributions to a household, whilst men traditionally down play it, further cementing the idea that women do more than men. It's the same concept as passive vs active income. It's not because the passive income can not be seen, that it does nothing, simply that it isn't observable by outside parties