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When they only teach one method and the kids don't get it people complain why they didn't teach them the other methods. Some kids are just slower than others. You can't fix that with teaching style. Tutor him at home, or pay for a tutoring class. Don't let your only action be trying to find someone to blame.


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That's not true, just because one extreme is stupid, it doesn't make the opposite correct.

People definitely have different strengths and weaknesses as individuals and you get a lot further working with their strengths than just trying to beat them into submission to your ideal, but just like anything else it can be taken to extremes where it becomes counterproductive. It's the difference between practicality and ideology. Doing something because you see it working or because you think it's "THE TRUTH!".


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just because one extreme is stupid, it doesn't make the opposite correct.

That is not my argument. The point that I am making is that you pulled that excuse out of your ass, just like other parents pull the exact opposite excuse out of their ass. There is zero reason to think that your kid can't do math because he was taught too many ways to do it. It doesn't even make sense. If no one in the class can learn the material the problem is with the class. If it is just your kid then obviously the problem is more localized.

You can't expect the class to be catered to your kid. If you can't do better than find people to blame go back to Reddit. It is a worthless attitude that ensures you will never make progress.

When the teacher sits you down and tells you that your kid is falling behind and the first question in your mind is "who's fault is it?" instead of "How do I fix this?" You might be a liberal.