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My sister-in-law is an ardent feminist teacher -- my complete antithesis. She complains that the white kids in her class are out-of-control and that the non-white children are superior students because they are better behaved. The irony is that she doesn't discipline her own kids (because discipline = patriarchy) and, as a result, they're completely out-of-control. It's the same with many of the white, CNN soccer moms (many of which are teachers). Meanwhile the non-white, immigrant children tend to come from societies that have not been ravaged by feminist ideology. I mentioned this fact very carefully to her and was banned from her house. Feminism = Cancer.


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Your brother is a cuck. Poor guy.


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My wife's sister, but yea. If it were my brother by blood, I'd probably intervene. She's got the whole family on anti-depressant and ADHD meds (including the dog!). It's fucked. Raising my own properly, but goddamn it's tough.