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Has it really been 5 minutes since the last "promising planet" was announced? My how time flies. Oh look and this one's only 111 light years away. How amazing and useful.

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Unless there is a way for us to reach these planets ...

May be not, but perhaps there is a way for these planets inhabitants to reach us, and I'd rather know ahead of time if possible...

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And to think in a millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a second "something happened" and nothing exploded and became everything in the universe....gorillions of stars and planets....but them flattards...they nuts

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I think it was a supermassive black hole, that had, over billions of years, sucked the entirety of the previous universe into itself, including every other black hole, and having reached critical mass, and having no more substance of any kind to 'ingest', basically exploded out the other side through a tear in space-time, and caused the "big bang". There may have been countless civilizations that lived and died in that other reality, and mankind is just beginning to expand our collective consiousness enough to bravely begin our own journey into the cosmos

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Does anyone else hate articles that say the same thing 4 different ways in each paragraph?

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It's not an "article". It's a personal blog, hosted in the Central African Republic according to the domain. The blog's About, Disclaimer, and Contact pages all just show an empty comment box. I wouldn't put too much stock into this site or the information contained within.

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Fucking hell, I read the title here, the title bar, the headline, the caption in the photo, the caption to the photo, the first paragraph, the two paragraphs indented, and another paragraph. I swear I read the same fucking message seven times. Fuck that.

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Filler. What an annoying thing, isn't it? ALL that extra filler everywhere just filling up space. No more meaningful words here, just more filler filler filler. Somehow if you're still reading this filler you would stop filler by now because filler is awful and that sort of filler crap needs to stop. Of course we could filler archive OP's post but filler what filler would filler be filler the filler filler filler point.

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No, only you.

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I think our earth is pretty super too. =[

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"MAY" is the keyword because we'll never find out.

Every month or 2 they find some stupid planet to.get hyped for. Why are tax payers wasting our money? Why not have a moon colony? Weve been there before right?

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Why not stay a few km above Venus? There is oxygen there and about the right pressure for us we could have sweet blimp colonies! Either way we should be worried about our own solar system first, including the moon.

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Sure why not.

But lets colonize OUR solar system before daydreaming about others...

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Sounds good, now we just need h2o

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Neat blog, in the title it says with a gassy atmosphere, but in the story, that they have yet to use the James Webb scope to study the atmosphere... and most smaller sites share a source in the beginning or end of the story so people can verify the information, instead of just saying "according to new research" or "a study"

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The atmosphere is farts [according to a study]!

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may host.....

Yea..... about that.....

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It's crazy to think about the fact that for every star we find planets orbiting around, there are thousands with planets that we just can't see. The only way for us to detect them is if their orbital plane just happens to project through space and perfectly hit the Earth, so we can see the star get infinitesimally dimmer as it passes in front.

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It's not really crazy. It seems like the universe coalesces enough matter to create a dual, or more, star system, or one with planets. It's really great to see this. Single stars, with no companions, may be the exception. There also may also be life forms born in plasma or other forms of energy, that we haven't yet discovered. Our knowledge of cosmology is in the infant stage now. We have so much more to look forward to learning.

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It is crazy. But it does point to an opportunity for better planet detection systems. Exciting times.

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Every planet may host alien life.

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Truth is, every planet even moons may have alien life on it but we don't have the technology or depth of understanding of the universe to see them.

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