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I've seen a lot of ads for this lately. I think either the elites are seeking a specific genetic anomaly (Sumerian DNA?) or they're getting as much racial data as they can to manipulate population ratios.

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They screw with results to say all whites have sub saharan dna traces

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I would be so devastated if I did one of those tests and I had black dna.

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My wife thinks I'm nuts for not wanting to do it. I keep telling her I don't want to end up in yet another database.

Edit: spelling.

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You're not wrong to say it. The big companies ain't yo friend. Show her this article... she may just call you a filthy racisss

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They're definitely trying to culturally poison the world and end humanity.

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Inside Edition is a tabloid. I wouldn't trust them to be truthful.

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Yeah I know. I archived it to avoid sending them more traffic.

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I stopped reading when they wrote that the acronym DNA is (((aggressively scientific))).

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With the amount of idiocy that abounds in the world today, I'd say being "aggressively scientific" is a good thing.

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They will screw with racists

"Since we couldn't do anything to the results (and we wanted to), what we did was add '< 1 percent' to each African category of ethnicity. That way we weren't lying, and they would both be wondering how much under a percentage point was. We always try to round to the nearest number because we sometimes hear about percentage points, but for them, we leave it open to whether it's a one or a zero."

It's a compromise that's elegant in its passive-aggressive simplicity. And it got a result. "The near-N-bomber wrote to us asking what that meant, and we wrote back that it meant it was under 1 percent. And we were not saying zero. Unless they got another test, that was going to bother them. Maybe they weren't 100 percent Caucasian. I mean, they were, according to the results, but this way it leaves it open, and they'll always be wondering."

Bravo. Bravissimo!

Nothing like underhanded, sniveling, unethical things done for the sake of political agendas. This isn't telling me anything I don't already know, but stop and think for a moment about how these people live with themselves. Double standards out the ass, everything and anything is totally acceptable as long as you're the good guy and you're doing it to the bad guy. There is no shame.

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Once a man sent us a vial full of semen

Fucking KEK

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They assumed it was a man? How "insert group"phobic of them.

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More like Inside the Shady World of "Cracked" Pseudoscience. The author has no idea how DNA testing works.

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Lets see if maybe you can produce it. I saw this weeks ago and im still trying to get evidence that the dna really came from monkeys. I see ID numbers that really do produce the results shown when on gedmatch. But cant find the source of the IDs to prove they came from monkeys in order to be confident enough in this to show others.

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ironically 'anti-racists' care more about the one-drop rule than most racists do.

putting a spec of black paint in a bucket of white paint doesn't turn it black...but i still wouldn't paint my house with that half-breed shit.

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Looks like she's just the type to believe that

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All the intelligent white molecules join forces and put aside their differences to kill the black molecules and in the process clean up some minor side issues.

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So 3 weeks ago someone sticks monkey DNA into gedmatch and it matches to africans and now this happens. Sometimes its fun to watch the wheel turn.

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