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DNA doesn't lie. Pure sub-Saharan Africans are a primitive subspecies of human. This was confirmed years ago.

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This is why even if the idea was publicly disproven I'd still believe it. There are CLEARLY less evolved niggers out there, and ones who clearly had some human bred into them in early history. Some are little better than trained apes, and look very similar.

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But I thought that they were kangz?? Sheeeeit

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The other DNA doesn't want to believe it.

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The problem is one of semantics

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Actually it's Europeans that interbred with neanderthals. Neanderthals were actually superior to us in most respects, bigger brain, stronger bodies. The reason we won out is because of the ice age and our metabolism is more efficient (we eat less and shed less heat).

Blacks are descended from Australopithecus and other low evolved ape types.

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We "won out" by out breeding them

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This too. From a purely numbers standpoint a 9 month gestation beats the 12 month of a Neanderthal, which evidently made human females the superior mate for males of either species.

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I thought Neanderthals also didn't have the capacity to speak to the same degree as proto-humans. Hell, technically humans today are inferior to humans a couple thousand years ago in terms of brain capacity and physical strength, we just work together a lot better.

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I thought Neanderthals also didn't have the capacity to speak to the same degree as proto-humans

Neanderthals are told to have had superior artistic qualities, so somehow I do not really believe it. Singing takes to be artistic and singing is related to human ability to speak (same brain areas). Artistic -> singing -> speech.

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tooth analysis show that 500years ago some families of Spanish Neanderthals ate no animal protein

mini ice are 1

prehistoric vegans 0

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i work with niggers and they stink

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Strange thing about African Americans is they may not be actual African, Obama for example was half-Black African and most African Americans are not actually 'African; they mixed with others including their slave owners, and mixed with people of the Caribbean, Pacific islands, South America and others. The science taboo: There may be genetic realities to race, a science view rather than a political or prejudiced biased racist view on Ethnicity and Race, the scientific view on blood lines, heritage and views on race, ancestry, and genetics. The science may be exact, precise and also taboo, there may be genetic realities to race, but its taboo so reddit and facebook will censor and ban you because science and facts hurt feelings

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the niggers i work with are ivory coast and carribean but still stink and are obsessed with sex

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Just fyi obongo's white gene works by helping him to graduate from school and not commit violent crime by increasing his intellectual capacity and suppressing his violent gene.

Ever wonder how come Obongo is able to speak proper english in his speeches instead of gibberish nigger speak? That's the white gene in action.

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He was at best 50 Black / 50 Moslum

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My condolences.

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Several years back... I can't remember how many. I was working in the shop... had the radio going... Every once in a while they report the news. There was this item in the news that was reported that I immediately thought "what the fu..."? The news item said that the scientists studying the human genome had discovered the gene that had mutated from black people to white people. I stopped what I was doing and thought, WOW! The news repeats every hour or half hour or whatever. I waited to see if this was going to get reported again. I wasn't surprised when it was not. I don't doubt that it was true... it's just something that is NOT supposed to be said. We now live in a world where the "truth" is irrelevant, the truth is simply an anathema to what the hoi ologoi wants you as the hoi polloi to spout

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We don't live in that non-Truth world. Realize this. It is just the Media doing this censorship.

The average person does not want their facts curated before they are presented to them. People want authentic knowledge.

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Oh wow! Man, I really have to respectfully disagree. In LE I learned real quick that the "average person" really doesn't want to know the truth. They want to live their lives as blissfully as possible without being confronted with ugly reality. At the same time, the politician wants to put on this magic show that he's made all the "evil" go away. As a Cop, you end up in the middle, between the citizen who really doesn't want to hear about the truth and the politician who doesn't want the citizen to hear about the truth. And there you are as a Cop, just dealing with the trash neither of them want to be confronted with. This is just one example that I experienced as an adult. Let me provide you another.... In JR HIGH there was a required course called "civics"... in that class the teacher asked "who elects the 'President'? Some little Suzy, bobby Joe, daisy or whatever raised her hand and said "the people do". I raised my hand and explained what I had learned about the electoral college... the result was, that I got kicked out of the class and sent to the principals office. I can move on to my experiences in LE... but I'd really have to blow out about it, but it wouldn't change anything. But, you are wrong! MOST people DON"T want to hear the TRUTH. They just want to pay for others to keep the truth from upsetting their imagined lives.

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It's annoying we can't even ask these questions withouty being labeled a racist.

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Yes, they are a different subspecies.

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