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Also writing it down in your own words, depending on your learning style.

(visual, auditory, or kinetic)

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I'm a big fan of journaling/hand written notes exactly for this reason.

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Same here.

Because I'm a 45% auditory, 45% kinetic and 10% visual learner, i tend to read out loud a lot and, with difficult/important info, write it down.

My sister told me I should get into cook reading because I make it sound fun. LoL

Of course I do! It's boring as hell to listen to myself drone on like a robot.

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Who else read this title out loud?

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I find the opposite happens with me. If I read something out loud without reading it in my head first, I'll have no idea what I just read/said

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This has been known forever. Reading out loud activates different parts of your brain than simply reading in your head.

This is why young students reading aloud in classrooms is common - or at least used to be. Because it re-enforced the reading lesson.

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This is obvious. You're engaging more senses and creating more associations. I find it helps to speak the words in a funny accent as well.

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I say it takes 18 action to learn something

acting out, listening, watching, reading, and speaking each count as 1. repeat until you hit 18.

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acting out (1), listening (2), watching (3), reading (4), and speaking (5)

Haha, I won't fall for that. You'll never hit 18 because it's not a multiple of 5.

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tried it before but didn't work for me