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does that mean they see the world as pixel art?

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Mmmmm....crystally and delicious

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So that's why they are so hard to catch. Scallops are prey, maybe their vision evolved as protection from predators.

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So, how can we use this blueprint to make an even more bad ass laser? We can learn so much from the gifts nature has bestowed upon the lowliest of species, for the simple reason that man would have never dreamed of the complex inner workings of some of these creatures.

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Unless, of course, humanity engineered them prior to some great previous cataclysm. which turned us all into hairless mentally deficient runts, so that the information we would eventually need when we recovered from the dreadfully toxic famine peorod not be lost forever..

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funny you would mention a laser because that technology is the pretty much the only thing that humans have created that was not adapted from nature.

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Sinking lots of energy into vision makes sense if you’re a predator who hunts by sight, Speiser adds. While scallops can spurt through the ocean by rhythmically snapping their bivalve shells open and shut like Pac-Man, the sea creatures are filter feeders that don’t need to stalk their prey. So why they have so many eyes and such complexity within each eye remains a mystery.

because the world is not what we've been told by darwin..

life is a dance, not a survival mod.

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Also they are tasty with bacon

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Wish they'd included a schematic of the complete eye system. 2 retinas, 3D configs, etc: without a picture of how it all fits together it becomes a useless abstraction.