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Finally, a ban I can get behind.

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Glitter is the nigger of all party favors and should be banned.

What is most important here is to note that all the commenters here, who are normally pro-liberty, pro-freedom, anti-excessive regulation, are in favor of banning something that is horrible and toxic to everyone and everything. I am proud of you goats.

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As someone that has worked janitorial work I can attest that glitter is the nigger of all products. Nothing fucking nothing will get it out. Vacuum? Nope. Commercial grade carpet cleaner shooting pressurized steam and cleaning chemicals? Nope.

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I can't think of anyone that actually likes glitter. Literally the only time I've heard glitter mentioned in the last 5 years was in reference to glitterbombs. The only time I've seen glitter in person in the last 10 years was when a friend tried mailing me a glitterbomb (it failed hilariously because I knew what it was before opening).

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Its not just glitter. Microbeads, man-made fiber pollutants from dryers and washers and probably others. Microorganisms sometimes eat these pollutants preferentially to their natural food. Forget (((climate change))). There are bigger problems facing us.

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It's worse than that. Birds and fish eat this shit and then starve to death.

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There was also those plastic beads in toothpaste, soap, and other products. Everyone just assumed it was biodegradable or natural.

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How many wives do you have?

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Mormon or Muzzie?

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I am very much against government regulating what we buy and how we act. I do not like government bans. However, having raised two girls and experienced the evil which is glitter, I might be able to bend my principles enough to support this. Fuck that stuff gets everywhere. You find it clinging to your belongings years later.

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Many times the said glitter is still attached to a woman when found clinging to your belongings.

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I'm curious. If you're in your house and the toilet gets clogged because people keep flushing paper towels, wouldn't you wanna ban flushing of papertowels down your shitter?

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You keep paper towels in your bathroom?

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Well, sure, but I wouldn't ask the government to control what people do in my house. I would just ban it myself. To enforce my ban I could install a surveilance camera in the bathroom and electrify the seat maybe. Have the seat shock controlled from an app on my phone. Yeah, that would work.

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This is another fucking misleading MSM headline. The primary thing thay are going after are microbeads, those little things inside some shampoos and other things. Technically it could include glitter (and yes thar stuff is a plague) but the beads get into the oceanic foodchain and clog fish gills and shit. Soon the old 'fish n chips' will need to be labelled 'plas n chips'

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Yeah, fuck microbeads.

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Screw you, Limey! You fish-eating queers deserve everything you have coming at you!

Just don’t fuck with my bottom-feeding crabs!

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Huh okay boss

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From my cold, dead, fabulous hands.

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Load it into a gun.

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privatize the ocean and allow owners to sue. ez

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Another victory for... objectivism!

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Or better yet, give them an incentive to filter it. Then they can sell access to their plastic free fishing spot.

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Our governments only work on disincentive for the industrious. Incentive to be a single mom tho

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tumblrkin and 5 year old girls hardest hit

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"The thing about glitter is that if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever. Because glitter doesn't go away. Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." Demetri Martin https://youtu.be/Abudeo3nltY

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Half of me says ban it, but the other half is expecting some crazy discovery like "Scientists discover algae that thrives on glitter" to come out of this.

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With no exaggeration, any substance you can think of usually has at least one species of organism on the planet than can digest it or break it down in some way. Usually it's a microorganism, like fungi, algae, some kind of biofilm, types of ameobas, etc. Practically anything: rubber tires, bleach, metals, the list goes on. It sound ludicrous but there's some amazing shit out there. Scientists have had the idea a while ago of using microorganisms to control oil spills and petroleum product pollution like stray plastic bags.

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It could happen. Mealworms can eat styrofoam and turn it into compost. There's all kinds of crazy shit in the world that we're only discovering because of our trash.

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