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This is a silly meme.

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I think the point is to draw a parallel between the absurdity of trying to say that refusing to take a side is the same as condoning.

i.e. Taylor swifts refusal to condemn online trolls must mean she is a white supremacist.

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Yes, this is essentially why I've switched over to the Tea Party. I fought for years to stay neutral. Media has gotten to the point where I have more in common emotionally and ideologically with White Supremacists than I do with any variant of Republicans or Democrats. I'm on the same political side with skinheads for the simple reason that I don't want to share a bathroom with trannies. Really small things like that have come to dictate my political options.

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... i think that is the point.

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As opposed to all the other deep, insightful memes on the internet.

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Quantum gravity is nonsense. Gravity is a product of the curvature of spacetime.

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Curvature within what medium? Taylor Swift knows, but she's keeping it to herself.

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Within itself, you don't need another medium to have curves.

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If by spacetime you mean "aether" and by "curvature" you mean "modality of magnetism."

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There is no fundamental force of gravity. We just don't understand the spatial dimensions and why the earth is accelerating upwards towards us. AKA the equivalency principle

As described here:


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On both sides at the same time? The Earth would necessarily explode were it accelerating in that manner. Also at 32/ft/s/s over approximately 4,500,000,000 years the Earth would be traveling at approximately 116,465,085,556,360,000 km/s, or about three million times the speed of light. Even if you posit that the Earth is flat, that speed requires that you reject every existing physics principle back to Ptolemy.

Sorry, but the idea that gravity is strictly inertial is patently absurd.

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You're dumb.

There are 4 fundamental forces: Gravity, Weak Interaction, Electromagnetism, Strong Interaction.

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Nonsense. Gravity is a net charge equation.

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That fucking whore. I knew it!

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late Old English hōre, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoer and German Hure, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin carus ‘dear’.

She wins. What a surprise.

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There is no such thing as gravity, the world just sucks.

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Someone sends this meme to a popular publishing firm. They post it and it becomes popular. Other firms pick up on it and it goes viral. Swift receives a hundred demands that she clarify her stance vis-a-vis quantum gravity. She decides to look into it just for the hell of it. She gets interested and starts really reading into it.

She picks up advanced math, at the expense of her career, but she's got enough money for two lives and doesn't care. Inspired by harmonics in music and their correlation to the apparent nature of branes, she publishes her first paper. Her music career suffers further, but a professor at Yale is intrigued by her work. He publishes a branch-off, and Swift catches a mistake into it. The mistake leads to an even more interesting theory. Swift publishes five papers in five years and earns her PHD. At this point she no longer works on music at all.

Swift Theory catches the attention of most lead scientists, who rally into schools and finally hash out a theory of everything. Ten years later the first Swift drive carries a probe to Alpha Centauri and back in five years. All because some neckbeards thought a meme was funny and clicked a little arrow.

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Yes I would like to subscribe to this reality please.

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I reject my reality and substitute your own.

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little arrow clicked

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she's just a very attractive non-obese non-adele-like pop star

plz be nice. she's everything we should ever want in such a celebrity

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I don't think you're in on the joke. I enjoy explaining jokes. The joke is that her brand tends to imply political neutrality, which various blow hards and reactionaries are trying to paint as racist because they have nothing better to do and it must be a slow day for news. Saying "I don't really have an opinion" is the new racism. She's going to make so much money out of this.

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Still makes no sense. What is her brand? Are her lyrics her brand? What songs does she sing? Who is mad? What racist thing is she not singing about exactly? Is she not Jewish? How can we be sure?

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That bitch.

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She's closet conservative, no?

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A little too conservative. Searched for nudes and found nothing.

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You can be liberal, and not a whore. I think.

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