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I thought you were misinterpreting, lying, or joking.

WTF? I actually am a retired scientist. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. Without a control, you have no viability. That is worse than the recent comments I've read where people don't understand the importance of falsifiability.

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Dude. Check your white-male-cisgendered-eurocentric-heteronormative-noncolored-straight-ablebody-privilege!

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LOL, I'm not white. Well, I'm 1/8 white. I'm mostly Native American.

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...you forgot the bit about main-stream education privilege.

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It becomes less confusing when you realize feminism is a supremacy movement using victimhood as a bludgeon.


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They are just batshit crazy. I strongly support equal rights, but that's just insane and not even remotely about equality.

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So a man forcing a woman to do sexual things as long as it's not penetration of her is merely unwanted contact?

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Someone should gender swap all the male and female nouns in all those comments and spread them around.

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Properly cited. Beautiful.

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And apparently the idea of “universal laws” or quantifiable reality is sexist and incompatible with the social relativism of feminism.

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Relativism in philosophy, something they must believe as apologists for Marx, includes social, moral, logic, and data. Basically nothing is true unless it advances your cause, and anything that does advance your cause is thereby true.

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why control? and how?

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Experiments have controls in order to ensure the results are different than what would typically happen. The methodology will vary based on the needs of the researcher. This is problematic in the social sciences.

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Maybe feminists should stop calling whatever it is that they do "research"

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De-search. Dissearch. Femisearch.

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They like their fancy academic buzzwords. It makes their bullshit sound important.

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Give them a shitty country like Somalia all to themselves, send the natives packing to other nearby shitholes. Let women see how excellent life is when the 3 faggot males that went with are too pussy to do anything, and when their feminist ideals are law. That would be fucking hilarious. Reality TV show.

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The actual book if anyone cares: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0199588058

Social science is not science.

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"Because of the success of science there is a kind of, I think a kind of pseudoscience... Social Science is an example of a science which is not a science. They follow the forms, they get data, but they don't get any laws. They haven't found any, they haven't got anywhere yet. Maybe someday they will."

Richard Feynman, BBC interview Horizons, 1981

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Feynman = top kek.

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Social science is a science. It's used all of the time in advertising and marketing.

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I'm going to buy this to redpill people.

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Don't. Pirate it, like everyone else does, and print relevant passages as you need them.

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Social Science can be science when it follows the concept of Human Ethology, as it is intended. The problem is that we are now seeing runaway double-think in Western Cultures. Biased and pissy women seizing scientific fields and perverting their original purpose for their own agenda thereby destroying the various scientific disciplines. This is what happens when organizations forgo valid candidates who are male in favor of a warm body with a vagina who has no skill or anything of value to contribute to said field.

I know this has been going on for a long time already, but the other week I came across a story of some 18 yr old from Southern California selling her virginity for 20+Million to some rich Saudi Prince in UAE. The thinking of these women is so horribly devoid of reality that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. She like so many women today thinks that selling her virginity is the opposite of objectifying women because it represents a woman's right to choose. Fine... but seriously... she's selling herself to a guy who like the country he comes from believes women are to have their clits cut off, bought and sold like cattle and should be stoned to death for opting out of an arranged marriage.

These women are lost, there is no hope for them. As men we need to do better to not give these women any quarter. You can't shame women these days, and that's fine. We need to look out for each other and ensure our fellow brothers do not allow themselves to date or marry these women. When they dry up their gash on rich guys with yachts and come looking for a normal guy... just don't... not even once. And then for those of you out there with daughters, do yourself a favor and raise them with better values. As much as these women have failed our society, its more the fault of their shitty parents. Low quality role-models, yields low-quality women.

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OP forgot to mention that it's on page 410.

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Holy crap. That means that, by inverse definition, masculinity is the rational and realistic way to view the world.

[–] cosmic_climb 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

It is. Females have more cross-talk between brain hemispheres. They have difficulty invoking rationality and logic without polluting it with emotion.

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It's crazy how similar their arguments are to religious fundies. This is almost idendi al to a creationist argument for why science can't be used for god.

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How insulting to women to suggest that it's somehow a sexist attack to "submerge them in facts and statistics."

That's called being wrong. It's ok!

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submerge them in facts and statistics

Somehow I got this feeling that this was written with tongue in cheek, as the author is a guy. He just couldn't be more explicit about it without being called a Nazi.

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That's because feminism is post modernism.

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Which is in turn neo-Marxism.

Milo is right. ... feminism is cancer

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feminism is cancer

A fatal version if left unchecked.

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Now just take one more step in uncovering who invented and promotes, both feminism and (marx)ism and you've arrived at the JQ.

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Don’t submerge us with a torrent of facts!

Seriously, this is satire, right?

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It's the 'We're dumb bitches and don't understand, so that makes you the baddie!' defense. Heaven forbid a cunt has to admit she's wrong.

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