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Alarmists are always so nihilistic. There's always a catastrophe on the horizon for them. It's as if they root for our demise simply to feel smug in being "correct". We'll live on. Really.

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Absolutely, but we're still kind of fucked if two giant glaciers do melt. That's a lot of water, actually. Humans will not go extinct from it, but it'd suck.

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why would it suck exactly?

I live where the laurentide glacier used to be. It isn't there now, and I get to live with millions of people.

I say lets melt all the glaciers.

I give literally zero fucks about glaciers.

The penguins will probably survive due to remoteness, and polar bears will breed with grizzlies.

The scant wildlife of the cold regions will do just fine.

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It's amazing that media outlets are still publishing this kind of fearmongering about global warming. The fraud of man-made global warming has been debunked countless times over the past few years, and yet this kind of utter trash still makes its way to the public. This is at the same level as a crazy man with a long beard who carries a sign reading "The end of the world is here."

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A matter of physics, fresh water is less dense than salt water. It will take a lot to mix it to equilibrium, until then the temperature differences will be negated and it WILL fuck up seasonal nutrient movements in the water column.