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Are asteroids passing earth ? ... yes. Do they sometimes come close (on a planetary scale) ? ... yes. Has the earth been hit by asteroids in the past ? ... yes. Is it possible that an asteroid will collide with earth in the future ? ... yes.

So what is your problem with this information ? .. would you prefer to just ignore it, roll the dice and 'hope' it doesn't happen ? - or is it just that because it won't happen in your life time that you would rather ignore it ?


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https://archive.fo/XduBp | :

Asteroid that came close to Earth may not miss in 2079 | Daily Mail Online

"During yesterday's close approach, Nasa had the opportunity to test its network of observatories for its planetary defense system, in the event an asteroid did actually hit Earth."

'While scientists are yet to confirm how close it approached, they know for certain it came no closer than 4,200 miles (6,800 kilometers) from Earth. '

'They expected the asteroid to return for a near-Earth rendezvous this year, but did not know just how close it would come. ', "Following yesterday's pass, the asteroid's next 'close-approaches' to Earth will take place in 2019, 2050 and 2079."

'While the asteroid missed our planet on this occasion, experts have warned that we may not be so lucky in the future. '

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