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I originally upvoted this, noticed the sub, then downvoted it.

If it were /v/funny, I'd upvote

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Unfortunately there aren't enough people who respect sub boundaries and will do anything to blame Jews for everything as often as possible, as publicly as possible.

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The next pane is a group of white children drinking the poison and dying and the final pane is a bunch of brown people throwing spears at each other in the ruins of civilization.

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Wow, I knew there was something missing but I hadn't realized how incomplete the OP's cartoon was until now.

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That's the story of Planet of the Apes right there. It was always obvious that the Apes represent niggers.

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When in doubt, use science. Not real science. The Word "science" to reaffirm your views.

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Does distillation work if the pipe's end is below the surface of the liquid?

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No, it wont. This is the main reason I hate this picture.

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Le Sorry.

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The real nuance to this science is then seperating out the multiculturalism and self-hatred. Some say it cannot be done.

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To be fair, you also need a thermometer, otherwise you are just distilling.

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That setup is not going to distill untill the glass tube is above the water level.

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Or at least not very effectively

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No at all. The pressure will push the liquid out. Once the tube is uncovered, the concentrated vapor will ve able to make it trough. Look again youll see what i mean

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Collectivism. It's what ails you.

Divide and conquer doesn't work so well without it.

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