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Keep the nighttime scaries away with this glowing, dino-shaped gadget

'And unlike real pets, the Dino Pet won’t chew up your pillows or leave “presents” on your carpets. '

'The Dino Pet normally costs $69.90, but you can get it now for just $49.90, a savings of 28 percent. '

'The Dino Pet comes with a starter pack of dinoflagellates and also includes a coupon for some free extra ones. '

'All you have to do is pour some dinoflagellates and dino food into the Dino Pet (there’s an opening on the bottom) and it will naturally start glowing within two days. '

'The Dino Pet: the world’s first bioluminescent “pet.”This slightly magical, Apatosaurus-shaped object fits in the palm of your hand and gives off a soft, blue glow whenever you shake it. '

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