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Cliff notes since nobody seems to be bother to actually read the article before repeating whatever their own biases are:

  • Specifically states that very recent things like Trump's actions in regards to climate science or funding decisions are not a big part of the problem

  • Big problem is US losing ability to 'think big' which predates Trump.

  • Offers example of particle physics where the US was set, at one time, to be the leader. Instead the US project was cancelled and years later the large hadron collider in Switzerland became the epicenter of particle physics. To give a time scale to his view, this collider the superconducting super collider was cancelled in 1993. The LHC was completed in 2008.

  • Believes future of science will likely be China, who is showing ability to think big. They will likely be the home of the next major supercollider which is looking to be twice the scale of the LHC.


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Thanks a lot for this!