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Well, of course science relies on skepticism, debunking, and falsification of previous theories with new information. Psychology isn't a science. It's subjective observation. That being said, the fact that the ideology wars are so heated right now always makes me concerned about giving the other side an inch lest they take the whole field. And by "field" I don't just mean metaphorically for this catch phrase (like a football field), but the profession of mental-health studies itself.

Pharmaceutical companies and their profit motive corrupting the practice have been at fault for a lot of this distrust in "experts" and by extension, the D.S.M. But mental illness as a concept shouldn't be discarded as a whole. Some people are indeed very, very sick. Others aren't, at least right now, but are ticking time bombs due to heritable susceptibility awaiting the right "trigger" (much as I hate that word) or combination of factors. What needs to be done is more physical research into the brain. We've come a long way with Alzheimer's due to things like brain banks. Perhaps more encouragement of mental-ill patients to donate their brains to science posthumously is necessary. DNA, gut bacteria, all these things are useful in conducting physical research.

But if you give too much credence to psychobabble on one end, the opposite reaction is likely to take hold when the psychobabble proves to be bullshit -- a lot of which is corporate-sponsored bullshit. This gives higher ground to the denialists who suddenly want to redefine the disease out of existence and replace it with "diversity." Autism is a tragedy. Full stop. It is not a blessing in disguise, an X-Men superpower, or a positive stage in "transhuman" evolution towards the Singularity and a master race of logical Vulcans. It's a birth defect that needs to be studied, cured and prevented. Same with bipolar and schizophrenia. These are not misunderstood personality types leading to great art or spiritual experiences. They're horrible illnesses with debilitating symptoms. Pretending like the person isn't sick as a way of dissociating the mentally ill from future Columbine massacres isn't the way to reduce the stigma. There has to be a better way to reduce the stigma, perhaps in affording the ill person sympathy in the way you would a cancer patient rather than avoiding them as a threat like you would a terrorist.

Just because the current wave of head shrinkers doesn't know their ass from their elbow unless the traveling salesmen at Eli Lilly are there to point it out to them, doesn't mean mental ill health is a sham. It just means that science needs to find new, more precise, and more comprehensive ways of diagnosing, researching, and treating, with intent of finding a cure. Get the quacks and the shills out of the profession, and start treating it like any other physical ailment instead of pushing this esoteric Beautiful Mind crap and the usual postmodern critical theory bullshit. Come up with a way to put it in remission after a 14-day treatment pack that removes the "virus," rather than condemns the person to a lifetime of legal drug dependence. But don't throw the crazy baby out with the bath water either.

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tl;dr believe none of what you read and only half of what you hear

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Well, of course science relies on skepticism, debunking, and falsification of previous theories with new information. Psychology isn't a science.

Psychology IS a science. It's just one that contains a lot of crap, partly because of it's nature, a partly because of the internal politics involved with it at the moment. Saying it's not a science strikes me as akin to looking at Lysenko's work in the Soviet Union, and then concluding that biology is not a science.

It's subjective observation.

Most fields of science, except perhaps pure math, logic and philosophy(if you consider those science), rely to some degree on subjective observation. This does not make psychology non-scientific.

I pretty much agree with the rest of what you are saying.

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Most fields of science, except perhaps pure math, logic and philosophy(if you consider those science), rely to some degree on subjective observation. This does not make psychology non-scientific.

The thing that makes it unscientific is the lack of any objectively verifiable information, like science requires. What do you measure, that isn't purely subjective? I know conflating two observations (one subjective, one objective) is commonly passed off as being only the latter, but I assume you can see the difference there.

A man objectively appears to be angry.

YOU: Why are you angry?

HIM: (something you can assume means whatever you want to assume)

YOU: OK, I've been doing some science, here's what I think is going on with your anger.

I know it's a simplification, but do you at least acknowledge the appearance of an issue here?

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Psychology is a pseudo science with no biological tests available to diagnose an individual suspected of having a mental disorder.

See how far a REAL medical doctor would get if he/she began prescribing pharmaceuticals without administering a biological test to make a definitive diagnosis.

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We did a study on 30 people and found our (((hypothesis))) was true, using novel techniques

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using novel techniques

That only worked once.

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My "worthless" degree in psychology taught me that research bias is prevalent throughout the field and to always be critical of the methodology used in every study. Psychology is a soft-science with very few overarching laws.

And if you're thinking of getting psychology degree...do it if you're truly interested. Just keep in mind that the degree is as worthless as you think you are. It's all in how you sell your skill set to others.

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Yeah...no. There is science (the scientific method), and everything else. You're making it sound like it is science because it shares a limited amount of features with actual science.

All dogs have teeth, and some whales have teeth, but having teeth does make a whale a dog.

You're thoughtful enough that I hope you don't take this as a personal attack, but your degree is not in any actual science.

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Math is the only clean thing as a proof can be verified on it's own. Everything data driven is by it's nature primarily a matter of trust in the validity of the data and secondary also subject to false analysis -not only from the writers but also from the people using the papers as backup.

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lol, wow...your ignorance is astounding, as is that of most of the posters on here. But then none of you have much in the way of education, and this is the internet, so...

I'm a biological psychologist, who began with a BS of psych, and then continued on through the scientific and highly quantifiable aspects of psych. This field of psych is absolutely science, and arguably hard science at that. Seriously...why do you people who have no education, spout off from the mouth as though you know the world. It's really an amazing trait/feature.

"Durp, I read an article or two, from some media outlet, that says this thing, and now I'm an expert about it, durp, and I'm gonna educate you all about it now, listen up, DURP"

Even this study that's being cited in this article from the Op,...if any of you knew anything at all, you'd know you'd need at least days just to pull apart all his methodology and findings, to even find if his methodology alone was correct, and then you'd have to try to replicate his study yourself, etc etc. You just take whatever you're fed at its word, if it's what you want to believe. So at least one psychology finding is proven true: you prove confirmation bias in your own behavior demonstrated here, lols

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Been to psychiatrists several time in my life, pure quackery and worse they even tried to impose stuff onto me that never happened. These people pray in the weak to get rich or get power.

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I think my favorite psychological studies is the one where they determined that same sex marriages were just as good at raising kids. Their means of gaining results was to periodically call up gay couples with kids and ask how they were doing. No parent or person wants to say that they suck at raising kids. It's almost as if they wanted to find a specific answer.

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One of my favorite experiments on this topic was conducted by Rosenhan. He told a bunch of asylums that he would be sending sane people, and that they should attempt to flag and catch them when they arrived. He never said how many, when, or to where he would send them. The asylums agreed and over time they identified about 60 pseudopatients. However, Rosehan had not sent out a single one.

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Anything recently on transgender studies should be tossed in the trash.

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If you don't know enough about psychology to be reading the academic literature that costs links $60/article to read online, then it's not "psychology literature" it's "pop-science journalism". That shit is garbage

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