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Scientists are close to building a quantum computer that can beat a conventional one

Yawn. They've been "close to" sustainable fusion for 45 years now, too.


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Turn out the more you learn about a subject, the more the things you didn't know show their complexity.


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No! I did not know that!


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https://archive.is/jHqVO :

Quantum Computing Is Real, and D-Wave Just Open-Sourced It | WIRED

'The goal, Ewald says, is to kickstart a quantum computing software tools ecosystem and foster a community of developers working on quantum computing problems. '

'D-Wave’s machines take a radically different approach to computing than traditional computers, or even other quantum computing prototypes. '

'Quantum computing is real. '

'Now D-Wave, the Canadian company behind the quantum computer that Google and NASA have been testing since 2013, wants to make quantum computing a bit easier through the power of open source software. '

'Last year, IBM launched a cloud-based service that enables people to run their own programs on the company’s quantum computer. '

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