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I guess technically we are just waiting for the results, as these particular stars are around 1800 light years away.

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That's my favorite part of looking at stars. What you are seeing now is what happened however many years ago, based on light year distance. Heck, even looking up at our sun is to look 8 minutes into the past.

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stars, sun??? Ya'll must be living in the past.

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That shit happened a long time ago.

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Where are all the Archive Nazis now?

I posted this same article from a different source and was griped at.

NPR.ORG has got to be the MOST anti American place on the face of the earth.

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What do you mean by that? They are a tool of the regime, pro everything the Obama regime did.

Do you just mean against the founding ideals? Then yes, for sure.

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Being anti-American is usually a good thing. Not ant-American people, but anti-American government.

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NPR is the matrix of the global cabal. Listen for awhile. It's an alternate universe they are broadcasting in an attempt to manifest it into reality.

I'm not a Trump guy, but I listen to NPR all the time driving and for the ENTIRE election cycle they didn't have a single pro Trump person on, but just pretended that's how it was and there were none.

It's actually the deepest level of propaganda out there. Millions and million of listeners.

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Old news, we already saw a star collide three years ago when Paul Walker got in that car crash.

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I remember it happening before then.

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I love stargazing and looking for shooting stars. I'll have to remember this event's timing and keep an eye out for it.

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same prediction with comet ison lol

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Don't post NPR shit anymore. They are total shit for actual information, basically click bait articles with no meat and THEY ARE THE ENEMY.

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Actually it's 9th dimensional matter hitting those suns .

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