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A little bit? probably not.

A lot? maybe not

a lot really quickly? we have a problem.

Really fast change = animal and plant life do not have time to change and adapt, and a lot of shit goes extinct. Resources crash, etc.

sort of sucks when some of the animals are human.


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There is, by a long shot, not enough energy coming from the sun, compared to the earths heat capacity, to change the temperature of the earth that quickly.


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This is true, as far as it goes.

but like putting a lid on a pot, you can add insulation to keep heat in.


[–] moremetalguitar 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

We can totally afford to lose several billion humans. In fact, if anything will reduce human-caused emissions, it's fewer humans.

Yet none of the climate change fanatics is advocating population growth reduction as a solution, such as rewarding people for not having kids, providing free sterilization procedures, birth control and abortions, or legalizing euthanasia. Is it because they know global warming isn't really controllable by us?


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Birth Rates go up with poverty levels.

Highly educated populations have lower reproduction rates.

But this is upsetting to people who depend on keeping people stupid.