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They are actually "culturally biased" to give smarter people an advantage. Which is the point of the test. Basically, certain groups just don't like the results, and will come up with any stupid excuse for why the result is "unfair".


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There is a correlation between race and IQ, there is a correlation between IQ and income, there is a correlation between race and income. And all 3 correlations match. IQ has predictive and explanatory power so there is no reason to disregard it. Basically, it's science.

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Then why do so many people on Voat complain about the Jews controlling everything? If they have higher IQ and IQ is correlated with income/success, then it's perfectly logical that they are the ones who are the most successful.


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And besides the idea that further challenge in Europe forced selection heavily weighed on intelligence.. there's also some potential factor from the slave trade, which controlled breeding selection with a preference for high physical and low mental attributes.


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there is a correlation between IQ and networks


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Pretty much this. Had a similar thing happen at an old job. They had a policy that you had to take a "what would you do in this situation" test to become a manager. It was basically just to make sure you weren't a psychopath.

This one Mexican dude is looking to fill an open managment position. He takes the test and fails it. He then complains that english isn't his first language (speaks it perfectly well) so he would like to take the test in spanish. The company has the test translated and lets him retake it. He still fails.

He then comes back to the company and says that the situations in the test are skewed because of some kind of anti-mexican cultural bias in them and they are discriminating against him. The company (really wanting more diversity in management) has the entire test rewritten specifically by experts in mexican cultural norms and psychology, and written natively in spanish. That motherfucker still failed that shit.

People just want to blame everything wrong in their life on an outside force rather than being a dumbass.


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if a person is failing a test for cultural reasons, that's the exact same thing as failing for lack of knowledge. learn the language, learn the information, learn the culture.