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Hi, I'm an engineer, although I don't specialize in materials I can understand the technical mumbo jumbo pretty well :)

3D Printing uses ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is actually three types of plastic. 2/3 are considered likely human carcinogens and the third is a known human carcinogen. The heating process of 3D printing allows poisonous acrylonitrile gas to escape. ABS is considered a low hazard material and is highly stable between -20 (-4) and 80 (176) degrees Celsius (Fahrenheit). All this means that you can safely 3D print decorations for your beardie! But make sure not to run the 3D printer in the same area and wear respiratory protection for yourself and make sure the plastic has completely cooled before using it. The only other note is that alcohol can degrade ABS and cause it to react as if heated, so avoid alcohol cleaning agents and just wash with soap and water. Also no dishwasher as they can reach very high water temp.

My sources are: using a 3D printer a lot and this Wikipedia page on ABS for specifics.


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Thanks for the awesome reply! What about other plastics such as PLA, and Wood filaments?