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interesting to note, from my perspective, jesus told us all to be like him.

all i can do you can do, and more...

that is literally what he said, jesus isn't coming back in physical form, it was about us taking our place as sons & daughters of God that we are.


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He didn't literally say anything, he never existed. The name Jesus wasn't written down until hundreds of years after he supposedly lived.

Hilarious. All those incredibly godly things he did, and not one person thought to write of it down, during a time when the Romans wrote everything down.

Jesus is the new sun-god for gullible idiots that slept during science in third grade.


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I enjoy an 'atheist character' as much as anyone else but you might need to do a lot better for the Voat crowd. It does come off as a bit low effort (overcompensated with too much zeal).

Could you make it a bit more clever or engaging so its less like a 15 year old (from 15 years ago) all but 'spamming' religion threads? Smarten it up a bit so its helpful?

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