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Corinthians is a Roman book dude. 100% fake. the Gregorian (or Julian) calendar was not possible before 202X years ago. The story of Jesus Christ is an Astrological Allegory. Christ is the Sun. The name Jesus did not exist any version of the Bible until the 1611 KJV Bible (500 years ago). Until then, it was Yahusha. This is why 'J' is missing from the Greek Alpha-bet.

Q: Why did the KJV Bible rename Yahusha to Jesus?

This change converted existing colonial projects in the New World into a Religious Crusade that would be joined by church-affiliated mercenaries from England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. This new version of the Bible endowed the colonialists with sense of justification known as Manifest Destiny as they slaughtered or converted all indigenous folk on the continent. Their new subjects were then reeducated and circumcised with the OT Covenant; their old Gods (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter etc) replaced by the One Invisible God.

Q: How can a book do all that?

The KJV Bible rewrite came with new orders: 1. Jesus is the new name of your Lord; a spanish name that colonists in America will be able to pronounce. 2. Jesus will return (soon). Therefore anyone who claimed to be Jesus, fitting all the qualifiers set out in the new text, would have the entire combined colonist population at his command. Evidence for this scheme actually working on people of the Americas can be found throughout the Book of Mormon.

Q: Does the Book of Mormon have any truth in it?

Of course it does! But, much like the KJV Bible, it exists as a redaction of many previous works that were destroyed at the same time as it's creation. Decrypted, the Book of Mormon offers a legitimate account of a people named the Nephites who were first to inhabit the Americas and then 'fell into wickedness' and had to be destroyed by God (i.e. the central church authority).

A popular online conspiracy theory suggests the Nephilim are the offspring of 'fallen angels' which gave rise to life on earth. While the Book of Mormon sets a denigrating tone when referring to the Nephilim, they were just an ordinary race, and not 'fallen' in any way. They were not 'Aliens', and yes, they could build massive megalithic structures much like we can build towers with legos.

The real Nephilim were the Nephites; the Giants of Early America, and they could not be converted by the colonialists, and all had to be killed as the Book of Mormon describes: "Down to the last man, woman, and child". Giants (large scale humans) are confirmed in all versions of the Christian Bible. Numbers 13:33 states "and there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

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Happy Lord's Day.

Glad to see this liberty forum is back up especially with all the censorship that is happening.
If anyone would like to watch a great online sermon, I highly recommend Liberty Fellowship live stream today at 2:30pm (mountain time)/4:30pm (eastern standard time).

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If anyone else has other great pastors who preach truth from the pulpit please feel free to share them.