[–] AngelofDeath ago 

True in parts, like parts of the HISTORICISM, but ERRONEOUS in others.

The man of sin sits in the TEMPLE. The temple is the BODY/mind of the people the message is to.

The antimessiah is A SPIRIT in MANY. And was in MANY long before there was a pope. He is WRONG on that point, and dangerously so.

It is true the popes have the Spirit of Antimessiah, but so does EVERY CHRISTIAN.


[–] Diggernicks ago 

Ovens to maximum

Pile every catholic inside

[–] ninjatacos ago 

John Paul 2 was likely the antichrist of revelation and these guys lay out a pretty solid argument as to why this is the case.


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"Beast of many waters" slightly better term. Same beast that will have a "mark".

In a few months.

Hear the pope promote something? Hear some tool politician agree and push it?

RUN. Flee it. Curse it. Separate yourselves.

Sundays laws are coming. We have months. Not years.