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I now understand that immersion (baptism) replaces it. Amazing what one finds when one stops listening to the crowd.

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FAGGOT atheists and pagans needs to know a little bit of history and anthropology in order to discern the truth from propaganda

"The distribution of circumcision and initiation rites throughout Africa, and the frequent resemblance between details of ceremonial procedure in areas thousands of miles apart, indicate that the circumcision ritual has an old tradition behind it and in its present form is the result of a long process of development."[

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Interesting, it said pheonicians practiced it too. They had a topheth outside carthage just like they did jerusalem which is where ppl used to burn their kids alive as a sacrifice to the various caananite gods that israel and several of its tribes are named after. So weird that they are two totally unrelated ppl who had the same culture and spoke the same language and lived in the same place.

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Israel and Israelite tribes named after Canaanite deities? Examples?

As for the claim that Phoenicians practiced circumcision, I would be wary about such assertions. I believe that Herodotus is the only ancient writer to make such a claim. Out of ignorance he probably conflated Israelites, the neighbors of Phoenicians, with actual Phoenicians.

Phoenicians and Israelites totally unrelated? I assume you are being facetious, but I doubt anyone has ever claimed that the two were "totally unrelated". Their religions (or at least the official "state religions") were radically different, of course, but almost all inhabitants of Canaan spoke dialects of the same language. They shared many cultural traits as neighbors, of course, but religion and thus worldview being defining factors, they still remained distinct from one another. As for the topheth, this was a Canaanite practice that apostate Israelites would adopt from time to time, as the Bible records.

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the practice is as old as humankind itself