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Show us where the Christian touched you?

And now for something completely different, our text warns us about them, what does yours say again?

Don't worry I'll wait........

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Evangelicals hardly qualify as Christians.

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  • God laid down some rules for jews to live by, to set the stage for Jesus

  • Jews go wildly litigious and purity spiral about the rules

  • Jesus shows up and makes it VERY clear that being part of the "Body" is for anyone who comes to him (His sacrifice satisfies the covenant, so we can eat lobster and bacon and get tattoos)

  • Jews kill him for it

  • Jews continue to go wildly litigious and off the rails

You can call Jesus the king of the jews, but only insomuch as they were the ones supposed to set the stage for him to save the world.

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When you worship jews but they totally didnt amalgamate a bunch of myths collected over 5000 years to create a new religion to control first other jews then modified it to control the gentiles and then islam splits from it but they totally didnt use that that as well to make both of them fight each other for the next 2000 years while the profit from both sides


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For the last fucking time jesus was white. I'm not even a Christian but this is fucking annoying. This whole jesus was a jew is a recent event. Its a fucking Jew trick. Every time whites needed,to ruse up they did it,under the umbrella of the church, including hitlers Germany. Stop shitting on it because your only pushing whites into seperate corners. If you dont like it fine but dont bust christians balks about it. Real christians dont go to church, they read the bible. Go to christigenea.org if you want to know the truth.

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Jesus is literally the king of the jews.

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eh, jesus was a jew. you cant deny it

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Your wrong. Either way this shouldnt be a fight that we focus in right now. Ban together with whites. Race comes first. Christigenea.org

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the biggest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist.

the biggest trick the jews pulled was convincing the Romans jesus did exist.

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Em... The jews also have the world convinced they were monotheists this whole time, when in fact they were polytheists for what is likely most of the biblical period, and certainly are poytheists today with their adherence to the kaballah