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Blaming Christians for the Plague of Justinian, the Hunnic Invasions, barbarian migrations and the Mount Rabaul eruption which caused massive global cooling and crop failure is just dumb.

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Yeah I mean; EVERYONE would have been a Christian. The romans spread it right across their empire from what I recall. Whether or not you believed in god, religion would have been part of pretty much everyone's day to day life.

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Christianity/Catholicism was the government. The people pretended to follow it because they were forced to under penalty of death.

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More like Islam conquered half the Christian world and destroyed its economy. The then underdeveloped northern Europe rose to power to re-establish Christiandom.

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Shills Guys on quite the anti-christian kick today eh.

Definitely a jew bot.

Catholics did the whole dark ages thing btw. Not christians.

Its 2019. Time to learn the difference.

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Definitely a jew bot.

You do realize that you're using the same argument that the blue checkmarks use when attacking white conservative, right? Russian bot, jew bot, christian bot. You have been programmed to think that way and have no clue of the mental prison your in. You are rejecting objective reality for a comforting fairy tale. It's time to man up and cast off your childish (and jewish) mental crutches.

Who do you think were the "real" christians during the dark ages, if not catholic?

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Waldensians, albigensians, various groups. Its terrible how they have been all but erased from history (or slandered in the most terrible ways by rome)

Church of the wilderness prophecied in Daniel and Revelation.

The actual "dark ages" if that term floats your boat was from "538 ad to 1798 ad".

A lifetime of study is available on that time period.

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Buuuuut the dark ages happened BEFORE the formation of the Church of England and the birth of the protestant movement - before that christianity WAS catholicism (maybe not in the orthadox church which I know very little about).

The dark ages were like, 500 years before Henry the 8th decided to divorce Catherine of Aragon, and broke away from the church of rome to do so.

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And today people believe (without proof) that they descended from monkeys and frogs on a rock that exploded into existence out of nothing, and it is called "science". Improvement? "SyriansFuckCorpses" (mighty jewy name) can thank his Jew and Freemason overlords for these great strides in "science".

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Christians are a plague on humanity, terrible liars and hypocrites. Imagine being so low as to worship jews.

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Imagine being so pathetic a jewish shill that you just copy and paste things only jews say.

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Imagine being a pathetic White christian that believes the word of god was written by jews. In other words, another race that is out to destroy whites is also the author of the White people's favorite cult. Cognitive dissonance much? White countries are in ruin because of christian slave morality. Hopefully you can pull your head out of the filthy jews ass long enough to realize it.

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i dont believe it did and im not exactly a christian

plenty went on, the dark ages as a reference was kind of dropped ages ago anyway because it didnt really apply when you put together all of the local stuff. remembering europe went to very centralised everywhere from britain to the middle east then got blown apart and didnt start re-organising again properly until a good 500 years later...

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Meme gets a 1.75 out of 10. Glaring inaccuracies, and your victim (pagans) doesnt actually exist so there are no sympathy points and as anyone who has watched americas got talent knows, you dont have talent unless you are also a victim or disabled in some way. Best option here is to find a pagan tranny or minority to elicit sympathy.

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Wait; you don't believe pagans exist?

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Ppl pretending to be druids dont count, and hindus didnt have proximity to be blamed for christianity.

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