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something that isn’t Christianity is Christianity

because they say so

I wouldn’t have thought you would fall for jewish narratives.

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That's my point. "Christianity" today isn't biblical christianity. The bible tells you to stone gays and shit.

"Christianity" today is just a weekly meeting of low-T cucks that has nothing to do with the actual religion

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Good enough, then. Thanks for clarifying.

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i was done with it in the 90s with all the child abuse that was revealed when other ppl were in denial, but of course it would be happening it makes the most sense and is the most simple explanation

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Catholicism is NOT Christianity.

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Jesus wept.

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all are welcome, no exceptions

If one of us showed up wearing a MAGA hat I doubt we'd be welcomed.

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is this a Methodist or Episcopalian, both those have become heretical so don't judge all of Christianity by them.

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There is a reason,they HAD to do this to Christianity. Every time we came,together to go against the jew we amassed under Christ.

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Kikes subvert everything.

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