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Yeah, jews are the malady.

"What then happened to the covenant? I submit that its authority was broken."

Yeah, no shit. You christkillers had something to do with that.

Young Jewish women, who study longer, marry later, and have higher living standard expectations are having even fewer children than the average.


Is the Jewish question really one of moral obligation to illegals detained on the border or Americans suffering from "poverty and malnutrition"?

Yes, since they want to exterminate whites.

With food stamps and welfare, there isn't or shouldn't be malnutrition in America

And yet whites die of starvation and homelessness every day.

You would think rabbinic training includes basic economics instruction.

“That which is cannot be true.” – ✡Herbert Marcuse✡

So here we are with some folks

Meaning jews.

having little but disdain for the founding documents of nationality and of religion. To a great extent, they are the same folks.

The same jews, yeah.

Liberal jurists and politicians, including RBG

Meaning jews.

What is Judaism without its Torah and Ten Commandments?

The Talmud, Zohar, and Shulchan Aruch, which all jews follow. None of them follow the Torah.


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Gotta believe a lot of them are just really dumb and follow ritual without ever thinking about it like a catholic. Gotta believe a lot just dont know that the kaballah is whole lot of poytheism mixed with occult, sex cult and satan worship. Tho, im not certain the kabbalah started with them as the gnostic gospels i read had very similar teachings and terms and those were written long before jews supposedly adopted the kaballah.

Rabbis led them to extraordinary degeneracy. Had complete control over their ppl for over 1000 years and led them into a pit of enslavement to the rabbis. The talmud is filled with hatred of gentiles and teaches that commandments only apply to jews. Hence its not adultery for a jew to fuck a gentiles wife, only a jews wife. It not theft to steal from a gentile etc.etc... I read that book jewish religion and jewish history weight of 3000 years written by a jewish professor and came away thinking it made islam look quite good in comparison. I was closer to a zionist than not before i read that.

Can't say Jesus didnt warn the rabbis about placing their teachings before God's.