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A.H. Mein Kampf pg 400: In general even Nature has the habit of making certain corrective decisions about the racial purity of mortal beings. Nature likes bastards only little. Especially the first products of such cross-breeding, say in the third, fourth or fifth generation, have to suffer bitterly. Not only the importance of the originally highest constituent of the cross-breeding is taken from them, but they lack, with the deficient unity of the blood, also the unity of will power and determination for life as a whole. In all critical moments, when the racially uniform being makes correct decisions, and consistent decisions at that, the racially torn will become uncertain, that means he will arrive at half measures. Taking both facts together, this means not only a certain inferiority of the racially unstable as compared with the racially uniform, but in practice also the possibility of a quicker decline. In countless cases where the race holds out the bastard breaks down. In this must be seen the correction of Nature. Frequently it goes even farther. It limits the possibility of propagation. By this Nature limits the fertility of remote crossings as a whole and thus makes them die off.

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100% agree. "Mother Nature" made provisions for their eradication. However, at the rate of such mongrelization .... I expect more of a cataclysmic cleanse/purge.

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Thanks for your efforts. Keep it up.