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Talmudic Judaism is NOT the religion/faith of the BIble. Modern Jews are attempting to "STEAL THE INHERITANCE" once again ... and the Bible said the Messiah said of them. To even suggest modern jews are the people of the book is as much a lie and their own claim ... and those suggesting such ARE LIKELY EDOMITE MONGREL MAMZER claimed 'jews' themselves.

A partially honest one is here, where he PROVES they are not the people of the book ... he and wife, some claim, were suicided after this book was published: https://yliyahmessagetime.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/13th-tribe.pdf


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I have to admit i had my eyes opened when i read that book by israel shahak the other day. Absolutely fascinating and horrifying read.

I grew up in area with many many jews and always believed they were basically some weird sect that liked to read the old testament and talk in a dead language.

I was wholly unaware of the antigentile hatred that permeates the talmud, the near complete disregard for the old testament, nor that satan is literally worshipped due to kabalsitc literature. I was also unaware of the horrifying power of the rabbis over their flock to the point of slavery, especially in classical times. Or that the basic tenants of national socialism permeate that religions attitudes towards non jews, as they literally have no souls according the talmud and are only here to be enslaved.

Other choice stuff included that married jews who sleep with a gentiles wife are not guilty of adultery, but are if they sleep with a jews wife. Theft is only theft if stealing from a jew, basically all the laws only apply to other jews but are permitted against gentiles.


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read the talMUD where it describes all Asians as subhuman and less than "farm animals" where it is outlined in many "laws" on the ptoper way to mistreat, misguide and scam them, in detail.... hasems mees ups babes!!!