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There should be 24 carriages full of Rabbis that are lit on fire in 2020.

The Talmud is the single most evil, vile, reprehensible religious doctrine in the history of humanity. It is pure evil. Jews all deserve to die for adhering to it's teachings for so many hundreds of years that those teachings have affected their DNA and made an everlasting imprint on them.

Jews are evil and they all deserve to be eradicated and exterminated. Down to the very last Jew.

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Talmud is in good company with the Quran

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It would steal the show from the Quran.

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And pedos in good hands.

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Quran isnt very bad at all actually

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When is God going to at last deal with these vermin is what I'd love to know.

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When romes mark of authority is enforced. Then the plagues. Then the end.

Sorry didnt mention the inbreds, but scripture says the roman church is the final straw.

Since they ya know, pretend to be Jesus' church an all.

The jews dont even pretend. God is done with them.

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Still “Let someone else do it”.

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God has left us to it.

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Only 24?

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This was before the printing press... Pretty substantial actually... But I see your point.

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When he says "carriage" what he really means is "train." Still lowballing it, but I think his heart's in the right place.

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Those teachings have affected their DNA? Genuinely curious, tell me more. Is it the fact that they're physically weak because they're above manual labor and they're smart because they're always trying to kill Europeans, which requires them to be increasingly crafty?

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Disputation of Paris

also known as the Trial of the Talmud, took place in 1240 at the court of the King Louis IX of France. It followed the work of Nicholas Donin, a Jewish convert to Christianity who translated the Talmud and pressed 35 charges against it to Pope Gregory IX by quoting a series of allegedly blasphemous passages about Jesus, Mary, or Christianity. Four rabbis defended the Talmud against Donin's accusations...Outcome: Twenty-four carriage loads of Jewish religious manuscripts were set on fire in the streets of Paris

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did they get the hint?

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So he admits it was jews who set it on fire.

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Probably not, I choose to believe it was a Muslim, but Muslims are only intelligent enough to be puppets, and we all know what hooks pull their strings.

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Nah,they didn't catch him. It had to be a jew.

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They're always going to find something to justify "revenge",which is why giving a shit about what they think is ridiculous. They consider us their enemies or slaves, and it is suicidal to think of them any different. That christian love your neighbor bullshit is a mindvirus. Love your people.

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If they truly burned 2.4 gorrilian carriages of Jews holding Talmud how come we are just hearing about it?

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Clearly they should have burned the Jews, rather than their books.

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So much talk about burning the jews but it has never been done. What the hell?

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Maybe they're fireproof?

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So has anyone taken credit for it yet?

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how about we burn some more to flex on the rabbi

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