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Read the book of judas from the nag hammadi (books burned by roman catholics when the bible was edited down) not only did he betray christ, but christ revealed to him why he was a fool, and all the jews alike

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there is a reason they sat on the nag hammadi texts for +40 years. bastards. every christian should know the authorized bible is, in part, a manipulation.

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The Nag Hammadi texts are dated very late by anybody who wasn't interested in contaminating Christianity with gnosticism. They are late Syrian texts that are almost certainly not early Christian. In the late 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries, the gnostics tried mixing their Neo-Platonic thought with Christianity.

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Actually its the 2nd century for most, and 3rd for a few others. Its contemporary with new testament writings

The neo-platonic writings would indicate it in around the 3rd century from what im reading

The input is appreciated though. If you've got some expertise that contradicts my statements, more info is always welcome, but a cursory search puts them a few centuries earlier than you stated

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That's not what the book of judas illustrates at all. And it directly contradicts scripture. Foolish to believe it.

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So, laughing at them taking communion amd saying they "were not worshiping" the one who sent him isnt revealing that they were fools?

Its not the PURPOSE of that book. But it is in there.

What did you get out of it?

So what if it contradicts scripture? You really think a bunch of guys in funny hats 900 years after christ are the ones that knew the true word?

A little inflammatory, i know, but the bible has been edited. If you think the world was made 6 thousand years ago, read the apocalypse of adam. It'll rectify the age of the earth in science by explaining how a day in genesis represents centuries. Or how the people living in the bible 600 years actually lived 600 years, but god decreed that the average age after the flood would be only 65, with the lucky living to 120 at most.

If reading something and understanding it will make you automatically believe, i got some snake oil to sell you.

If your faith can be shaken by reading new books, mayhaps youre not faithful.

But maybe the bible has been perverted too

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Looks like u are right about contradiction

Judas Gospel shows, not everybody was happy with that version of the story... Even in the 2nd century BC, some folks were still in love with Judas, baby. ........."Jesus as a married man".... "The Infancy Gospel of Thomas depicts 5-year-old Jesus as a little temper-tantrum-throwing tyrant. I’m talking way beyond mischief: the word “demonic” springs to mind."....."Another boy bumps into him, and Jesus straight up killed the kid(IV.1)"

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It is important to note that "the Jews" St.Augustine referenced were religious Jews, Jews who were Christian were simply Christian regardless if they were Jews or Gentiles. St. Augustine lived in the 4th century AD the CE is an invention of the Jews.

It was during this time the Jews put to paper their evil doctrine and created the Babylonian Talmud, to this day 99% of religious Jews follow the lies, laws, and false interpretations of the Blind Rabbinic "Sages".
2 Corinthians 3 14 But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.

Funny, that the letter to the Church of Corinth was written in the first century, but it is still as true as it was then as it is now.

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They follow an oral tradition, not scripture. And what the rabbi tells you today can overrule what was written in scripture millenia ago. This is why 'Judaeo-Christian' is a misnomer (or one of many reasons). Because oral tradition changes continuously, but scriptural tradition does not.

Then of course there are the Kabbalists...

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The same goes for the sandniggers and their pedophile prophet, a fatwa can just be declared by an mufti or imam, and that just overrules everything that came before.

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Dat nose

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De nose knows

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They worship in the Synagogue of Satan

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Nigger looks like Lebron James

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That is absolutely beautiful and on the (((nose))).

My favorite part is the geometric symbology of the upside down pyramid combined with the semicircles of which two could become the Christian fish symbol.

And remember, the triangle up and triangle down of what they call the Star of David is of course symbolic of (i) or inversion and that the Masonic symbol is the hidden in plain sight version of the same.

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Star of 'David' = Seal of Solomon

Occult double X

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Go on.. I never heard of these

E. A search surprised me. Unicursive hexagram particularly.

So I guess 6 is evil? I just keep knowing less and less. On to seal of Solomon... gulp

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Judas will be forever the ideal those of (((his))) ilk should follow, and is present in the bible for a reason. After betraying Jesus, he gave back the silver and hanged himself.

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3circles = 360* each = 3+6+0 = 9 (x3) = 999 = 666

equilateral triangle = 60* (x3) = 6+0= 6 = 666

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