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Wow, this is freaky. I literally was just looking at the bible the other day and was thinking to myself, while reading the phrase "for I am your LORD" that it seems entirely screwy and backwards. God would never say that or be that direct, would he? God wants all of us to be as much ourselves as possible, I figure, and just not be assholes to each other. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's just how I feel on that.

I also really prefer to think of it like how it is in the Quran - "do not associate anything with Allah", as in like, we seriously have no freaking clue what God is like so honestly, any attempts our brains make at imagining it would make for quite an enormous potential for error. It's best to just be silent about what our own personal imaginings might be other than friendly discussion on the topic.

Gotta keep reading and picking out what makes sense, I guess. This guy is cool and brings up some good points about mercy instead of sacrifice, too...!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=021DCm0eB_o :

The Name Of YAH Part 7 - Does Lord Mean Ba'al? - YouTube

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This all seems pretty useless and waste of time.

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Their lord ba'al.