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Rabbi Pope is doing a fine job. Next he should become a TV evangelical for Mossad.

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Editor: I grew up Catholic and actually attended a Catholic High School Seminary for 3 years. This is not a Catholic Pope.

I feel like most people feel this way.

the catholic church is dead

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There have been worse popes in the history of the church, and much worse crises. Pope Benedict was pretty good. The next pope could be a great one, as long as the world doesn't end before then.

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Pope Benedict killed and ate children like all countries.Vatican is Hebrew creation like all religions.Francis is Mason.Masonry secret society invented like all others by the Hebrews.Your bankers and politicians are all Jews.

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She is as strong as ever.

That is the scary part.

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on the outside, just like everything: they are losing the hearts of people in droves

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Well Catholicism is not Christianity.

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No true Scotsman to you too!

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The Cathodox Church is the mother church of Christianity. Imagine calling yourself a Christian and not knowing basic Christian history.

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Ha! That's rich. You have absolutely no idea the history of Christianity if you think a dude in a silly hat is an authority. Also you especially have no idea what Catholicism is. They have their own doctrines. They are not Christian in the slightest. Just because they verbally chant some excerpts from the gospel doesn't make it Christian. Do you know how hard it is to be an actual Christian? No because you think it's okay to confess to a person and plod through traditions of men. Catholics think "what I'm doing is good enough" instead doing what Christ commanded.

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Except it is, and denying it doesn't change it.

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The Catholic Church is the dirty mother of all whores of earth.

They (the catholic jesuits) created the social democracy model that had destroyed politics in Europe (do you remember of polish party Solidarity Sindicate?), that crap of pseudo-christian left, that delivering the continent (Europe Union) to the Empire Soviet model of USSR.

They created the "Liberation Theology" that had destroyed the democracy of all Latin America (and part of Africa) throught the perversion of the gospel to transform Jesus Christ into a communist revolutionary, a SJW. They formed a coalition of bandits, mostly parties created and financed by Catholic Church in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc., assembled in the so-called "Foro de São Paulo" (Sao Paulo Forum) uniting all left parties of the Latin American to create in the west another Soviet model, called "Patria Grande" (The Great Homeland), a new christian-communist utopia of century XXI, which used as base the peasant agrarian moviment (MST), indigenous NGOs and social justice warriors, by organization, creation and control of Catholic Church grassroots communities in Latin America.... All these things were done by catholic jesuits and franciscans which have become the main actors of political backstage of continent today. (Unfortunately, the only opposition to this comes from the part of the Protestant Church that are all Christian Zionists).

Pope Francis is the head of Catholic Church and he is a jesuit, therefore, is a dirty tool of globalists and jews, a servant of Satan.

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Well, the Moose Limbs wished us a Happy Easter in Sri Lanka....

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Did the Pope apologize yet for the Notre Dame Cathedral fire? For inconveniencing Muzzies with the smoke?

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U will say Mossad

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How long before he welcomes the Church of Satan do you think?

Peace Much?

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Luciferian pedophile. Crucify him upside down and put him in the wood chipper for fertilizer.

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Now that sounds a lot like a Blood ritual, friend.

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