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While I agree on principle, good luck gaining momentum with this. The pope is controlled opposition who's job it is these days to spout the dogma of the global elite. That is why he washed African Muslim migrant's feet and kissed them, he was promoting the idea that they have as much right to Europe as those who built it. The Muslims love the pope too, he is just ceding more and more to them every year. I am willing to bet within our lifetime the role of Pope will be eroded to the level that the Royal Family of England has been, a meaningless figure head with no real worldly authority, let alone a divine authority.

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It’s sad really. The position used to be seen as one of the most powerful and well respected people on earth, and the person who held the position was almost treated as a deity in their own right.

Now it’s been diminished to that of a feckless virtue signaling coward.

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Has always been a feckless virtue signaling coward.

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Didn’t realize fucking little boys in the ass is a well respected position in the church.

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yep, he's a rothschild plant. The Catholic church was basically taken over during the Vatican II conference.

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As much as I dislike Francis, there have been arguably a lot worse popes in the past. maybe not if the predictions are true and Francis turns out to be serving satan, we'll see.

am willing to bet within our lifetime the role of Pope will be eroded to the level that the Royal Family of England has been, a meaningless figure head with no real worldly authority, let alone a divine authority

That will not happen. One single pope cannot do that. The church is much larger than the pope himself, and there are almost two thousand years of principles and rulings on the authority and importance of the pope. It would go back to normal as soon as another pope once again realizes the full authority of that position.

The royal family is a meaningless figurehead because the system of governance of the UK was changed. The equivalent of the pope Franics situation would be a king who despises and lead astray his people, not is replaced by a different system of governance. It is not a meaningful comparison in any way.

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I hope they knock this fucker right out of the Vatican.

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Umm, they made the last one quit so they could install this globalist puppet. Fat chance getting him out. He's there to drive whites from the church.

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Look into the Vatican bank to find the real puppet masters. Board of superintendents and supervisory council of cardinals. Map every single person on those two boards. What is their meta data? Where were they born, who did they work for? Who are they connected to? The map will reveal an unsettling truth. Covert means have been utilized to capture and control the most important institutions we know. The church is not immune.

This goes all the way back to French bankers and the Rothschild loan to the holy see, and even further. House of Bourbons wealth and control is expertly hidden from view where they use the public families like Rothschild's to distract from their vast empire. Follow the blue and gold, follow the Fleur de lis. What does it represent? The Fleur de lis is a symbol of mind control through sodomy. The house colors of Bourbon, blue and gold, are everywhere, the EU the most obvious.

What is Napoleon's history with the church? Who controls Napoleon? When did Napoleon come to power? WHY did he come to power? What happened before? Revolution. What happened during? Expulsion of the church. What happened after? Concordat 1801. The beginning of their attempts to control, culminating in the acceptance of usury and the loans to the holy see. What French bankers were involved? Who controls those bankers? Think bank of France, list the first group of regents. Find their metadata. Who are they? Who did they serve before revolution? What was created after Napoleon stabilized everything? Bank of France.

It goes even further. Modern day countries with Bourbon as their head monarchs? Spain? Relationship of spainish royalty to Bush family? Who is Jebs wife? Born where? What is that region of Mexico known for? Knights Templar Cartel, Jesuits? Prominent bourbon members in flordia? Donors to Jeb? King of Spain and Bush seniors relationship? Reconcile with the Orleans branch.

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Protestant Reformation, Round 2


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Fuck the pope. Fuck Catholicism. Fuck religion. DON'T FUCK CHILDREN!

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Then you should be concerned with schoolteachers.

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You have to be an apostate to be the pope.

Suddenly they care?

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Matthew 4:1-11

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Meh, who gives a shit. All religious people are retarded heretics anyway.

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