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Catholicism cant be fixed it is anathema to what the word of God teaches, and is nothing more than a black magic cult. /v/RomanQuestion

Now a biblical monarchy with a patriarchy is more in line with what the bible teaches.

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Brother, did you read the link?

I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and I fully believe in its tenets. However, the problem with the West is that, I agree, Catholicism has failed us completely. In its stead, in the West, we are given either heresy (Mormonism) or acceptable heresy (Protestantism). Why don't people just become Orthodox, then? Because Orthodoxy has, in recent decades, become essentially national churches. I speak to so many people, people who I respect and they respect me, and I convince them of the truth of Orthodoxy. However, out of the many I have spoken to, they simply do not convert or even consider it. Why? Because it simply is not a Western faith, or at least not perceived to be. As such, in order to propel Western-rite Orthodoxy to prominence in the Western world, we must find a homeland, a heart for the movement so that it becomes a distinctly Western entity. Utah is the best place to convert and make into the new Rome. It is replete with Westerners, already has a strict underlying religious tone, yet they are officially heretics (Mormons), so aggressive evangelization is permitted.

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Orthodox is heresy

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