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Well, no indications he was fucking children. I guess I'm cool with this dude at a legal level.

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He’s just going by the old tradition

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Wow...this guy is just as busy as some protestant ministers in the American, sunny south.

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https://archive.ph/nfpmC :

2019-03-09 | Priest returns to Catholic Church despite sleeping with 13 parishioners and attending fetish orgies | Daily Mail Online

"Father Cavazzana is believed to have taken part in some of Father Contin's activities."

'Father Contin of San Lazzaro church was investigated after three of his former lovers went to the authorities. '

'However, Father Cavazzana will be allowed back into Church, according to the Times, after his period of reflection among the poor. '

'It is understood at least two of the women turned to Father Contin for help when their marriages collapsed. '

'He is alleged to have filmed her having sex with Father Cavazzana. '

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Come back to Jesus. Leave Catholicism as fast as you can.