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Not catholic. Why does it matter if the teacher or the students wash it off? Who fucking cares?

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I'm not catholic either but the idea is that it is God's blessing and washing it off is like casting off God's blessing. Regardless, it is a symbol of his religion and should be respected. It is kind of like forcing a Muslim to eat pork or stealing a Jews little hat.

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Hmmm never read that in the Bible. Jesus didn’t ever mention that one. Satan however wants you to take the mark. So there’s Catholics for ya. And don’t forget only fish on fridays. Or burn in eternal hell and molest children. EUREKA!

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I think any practice done with humility and reverance is a good thing, but the whole thing seems a little bizzare to me. If you really think you shouldn't do something, is abstaining for forty days really the right way to go? Seems oddly superstitious, like how some people think that God can't hear your thoughts through a hat... Or that you have to pray out loud for it to work.

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You are misunderstanding the entire purpose and process. From a Catholic perspective it isn't about "not doing something" at all. You are fasting food to purposely experience hunger pains as a mild form of suffering so you can better relate and appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. Our suffering pales in comparison, but for the days you are fasting it serves as a constant reminder. It coincides with the time we celebrate Jesus fasting in the desert for fourty days and nights to overcome temptation of the flesh. Now, over the past 20 years or so Protestants have co-opted this tradition and expanded it to "sacrificing" something else that might cause them "discomfort"....but fuck me, giving up social media for fourty days is in no way equivalent to purposely starving yourself all day. Most of us can't make it through the morning without coffee. Let alone skipping a couple meals. By the end if the day I'm a freaking mess ready to bite someones head off. But the Bible gives clear instructions on how to fast, "clean your face, put on a smile, don't be a whiny bitch Matthew 6: 16-18 (I'm paraphrasing obviously).

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https://archive.ph/PCrF0 :

2019-03-07 | Utah teacher forced boy to remove Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead | Daily Mail Online

'A Utah elementary school teacher may face disciplinary action after she made a fourth-grade boy wipe off the Ash Wednesday cross on his forehead. '

'William McLeod arrived for class at Valley View Elementary School in Bountiful on Wednesday with the traditional Ash cross to commemorate the Christian holy day. ', "William said his teacher made him remove the cross in front of the class and 'all of my friends'. 'I felt like, really bad,' he added."

'Ash Wednesday falls on the first day of Lent and is known as the holy day of prayer, fasting, and repentance. ', "The ashes used to make the cross are prepared from the burning of palm leaves used in the previous year's Palm Sunday celebrations."

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Mormon is a probable answer as well. It is Utah after all.

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could be worse

if he went to Catholic school he'd probably be buggered by a christian priest

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could be even worse, could be in San Francisco then he'd be force to take hormones and walk in shit and needle on his way to school and get aids from getting fixed by all the faggots there.