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Rodrigo Duterte calls on the Catholic Church to allow its ‘useless’ priests to have boyfriends  | Daily Mail Online

'Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has called on the Catholic Church to allow priests to have boyfriends. '

'The Catholic church has also made their concerns known, following the death of three of its priests since December 2017. ', "It comes just a month after Duterte said in a speech at the Presidential Palace in the Phillippines that Catholic priests are 'useless fools' who should be 'killed'."

'However, Duterte has hit back at the church on various occasions about church morality in light of the high-profile international sexual abuse scandals involving priests. ', "He also called the church 'the most hypocritical institution' and said his God is different from the one Catholics worship."

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The Caths really went off the rails with their arrogance and independance from the scripture. Just LOOK at them. Last pope in the batter's box NOW. Praying to saints, gay molester priests, paying money to be forgiven of sins....NONE of which is in the Bible, in fact, quite the OPPOSITE is IN the Bible on all of those issues!

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Understandable why he thinks this way if he himself was abused by a priest as a child. Although I doubt the numbers are really that high.

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Most of them are Gay because straight males don't want to commit to a life of abstaining from sex and taking a wife.Whereas Gay men who fear coming out can hide in the shadows...