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Hi, I am but a Lowly Worm. But I wanted my first comment to make a good impression. Thank you for the video, I will check it out. I feel that this may be helpful as well:

Reach Out and Touch Someone Part I

Note: I only read part 1 so far, here's the source: http://higherpraise.com/outlines/lessons/1323b.htm

Just suppose this afternoon the phone should ring...and you pick it up, and say "hello", and on the other end of the line is the Lord Jesus Himself. And just suppose He were say to you, "What are you doing this week? Would you be interested in setting aside your regular schedule, and just walking through a typical week with me?"

Would you be excited? Afraid? Both of the above? Well, I tried to do that for a few days. I imagined I had received such a call, and taking just two chapters of scripture, I pretended to walk alongside Jesus as He gave Himself away.

Then I tried to imagine drawing up a schedule for a week of my own, and filling that schedule with the kind of people Jesus would spend time with, meeting the kinds of needs He would meet; touching the lives He would touch; living according to the priorities He would set. I imagined what kind of schedule I would set up if I were planning a week based on what He would do with a week. And suddenly a whole new concept emerged in my mind; a concept of what living the Christian life is really all about. With that in mind, I'm going to ask you to walk with me through the pages of one of the Gospels with Jesus for a brief period of His life...perhaps a week, perhaps two, we don't know for sure, but we will walk...if you will...IN HIS STEPS!! And we will ask ourselves as we go, to reveal to us any truths God might want us to learn about how to give our lives away!

That's the subject of this segment of our journey through the pages of Scripture. We began by asking ourselves "Where Has All the Love Gone?" The Love that JESUS insisted was the trademark of the Christian Faith; the Love that Jesus demonstrated in all of its splendor on that Cross when simply as a reflection of perfect love, He Gave Himself Away.

We learned that John, chapter three...defined that love for us... Love, we learned is not a feeling; love is an activity. It is the act of giving oneself for another without regard to their response, without regard for their worthiness, without regard even for how loveable they seem to be. God so loved... HE GAVE... That's how the Scripture defined it...He so loved the whole world; a world as yet unredeemed; a world as yet separated from Himself through rebellion to all He stood for. God so loved everyone, He gave. What did He give? He gave everything! He gave Himself away!

And why did He do it? "That whosoever believeth might have life". That's the reason He gave Himself Away, to demonstrate through the greatest act of love in History. how to find Eternal Life; how to be reconciled to that God of Love, and we began to ask ourselves some questions‑questions about how He would have us go about giving our lives away.

And God has some definite marching orders for the Christian Army as they find themselves in the midst of the battlefields of life and they pass by the lives of these we will call the "disadvantaged". God has some definite instructions, indeed. His orders include what we must never do, where the "poor" or "unfortunate" are concerned.

We are told first of all that we were never to despise them, look down on, or condescend in our relationships with them. We were never to oppress them, or take advantage of their disadvantage.

We are never to mock them or ridicule or mimic them in fun or derision.

We are never to exploit the, or use their weakness for our gain.

And lastly, but perhaps most painfully, we are never to ignore them; disregard them, walk around them, or walk away from them. We are never to shut our ears to their calls; never ignore their cries for help; never simply stay so far from them we cannot hear them calling.

And we are never to close our eyes to their hurts, never walk by them or look around them, lest we see with our eyes, that some of them, oh, so many of them are crying. In essence, God is saying to us: "Open Your Eyes...They're Crying!"

Our objective is to turn knowledge into understanding; to translate into our own personal experience the reality of God's love for those who are hurting; and our objective once we�ve done that is to give our lives away!

Our title for this Lesson is "REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE"

Our Outline for this lesson is in three parts.


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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=CsYbFB5SpXY :

The Coming Deception - Revelation 13:11-18 - Skip Heitzig - YouTube

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This guy is one of my favorite preachers. Amen.

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That was excellent. Never heard of Pastor Skip, but he's got a new listener now. Thank you so much!